Anthem Open Demo Closes with In-Game World Event

Anthem Open Demo Closes with In-Game World Event

This weekend, after last weeks troubled Anthem VIP Demo, we got to play the Anthem Open Demo. Numerous issues were resolved, namely the infinite loading bug, however it still had it’s own problems with crashes and the like.

Despite this, BioWare still offered up something quite interesting in the closing hours of the Open Demo, a taste of a shaper technology and what’s to come with the ensuing storms.

This began with certain instances of the Freeplay Expeditions experiencing a change in skybox, with a red brewing storm looming. After a little while, the shaper technology started acting unpredictably, spawning dangerous creatures. Namely, the Ancient Ash Titans. As seen in Lead Producer Mike Gamble’s tweet though, this is just the beginning and in the main game, things will likely get much more hectic.

Additionally, while a majority of the content featured in this demo was the same as last weeks, BioWare decided to open up all javelins for all players, which was also done in the closing hours of the VIP Demo. This was a great change, allowing players to experience all the different play-styles on offer.

While there is some controversy surrounding Anthem’s endgame and it’s overall place in the loot shooter genre, one thing that cannot be faulted is the commitment the Anthem Team has had to communication with the players. With that, it will be interesting to see where they take the game in the future after taking feedback on board.

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