May 22, 2022

Anthem 2.0 Concepts Revealed

Anthem has been a source of pain for the gaming community and Bioware since its launch in February 2019. People complained about lack of rewards, lack of replayability, and general lack of fun. In a blog post today, Christian Dailey – studio director of Bioware Austin revealed some goals for the re-launch.

Dailey writes that after some interactions with fans via twitter Bioware Austin had a good understanding of what fans wanted. He then details the goals that the Anthem 2.0 (or Anthem Next as he refers to it) will work towards. But wants people to understand the timeframes, and that the changes would not be a quick thing.

“Changes like these are exciting to us and hopefully to you as well, but I want to set expectations that there is a lot of work behind each of these and in some cases a rather large tech undertaking – this is not an “easy fix” and will take time”

Christian Dailey

Satisfying Loot experience

Dailey admits that the original loot system for Anthem was wrong and details the changes planned in his blogpost:

  • Respect Your Time
    • Increase the frequency of Loot Drops
    • Loot is viable more often; All items are better and more competitive, but there’s still a chance of getting something exceptional
    • All loot rarities have strategic value throughout progression
  • Embrace Choice
    • You can pursue specific loot without relying on randomness alone; Quests; Specialized Vendors; Unique Loot Tables
    • Modify your loot, including rerolling inscriptions and leveling up items
  • Create a Rewarding Loot Experience
    • Loot feels exciting and more noticeable when it drops, and is celebrated when collected
    • Rare enemies (aka “walking treasure chests”) create exciting moments to get a burst of loot all at once
  • Keep it Accessible and Immediate
    • Reveal and equip loot right away
    • Complete revamp of the equipment sheet – including a detailed stat sheet (not shown) 
    • The equipment sheet can be accessed from anywhere, allows you to easily see what you have equipped in each slot
  • Reliability of Equipment and Rewards
    • Each item has an inscription “budget”, based on its Power and Rarity 
    • No more useless items because they were missing must-have inscriptions (see “Increased weapon dmg by +225%”)
    • Exceptional items are about getting the exact types of bonuses you want, instead of maxing values on every bonus
  • Scale for the Future
    • Your power cap can be easily increased, and the loot system scales accordingly
    • Advanced telemetry data allows us to identify trends and make meaningful balance changes

Other Areas of Exploration 

Finally, Dailey says about improvements to the mechanics of the game, the gunplay and synergies. As well as a number of other new weapons set to join the game.

No matter what your views on Anthem, Bioware have a lot of changes they’ll have to impliment to grow the player base back and keep it. Andd for owners of Anthem, this represents a good step forward, however, is this too little, too late?

Concept Weapons from Anthem Next

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