May 28, 2022

Another Cancelled Aliens Game Surfaces

With Cliff Bleszinski coming forward, you’d think one lost Aliens game would be enough for the world. But TWO? Well, now, that is bothersome for fans…

Ripley + Marines

It seems Cliff Bleszinski’s unmade Aliens FPS wasn’t the only Aliens game lost in the Disney-Fox merger.

Frederik Schreiber, Vice President of 3D Realms, tweeted some information about another cancelled Aliens game last week. It would have been a 4-player co-op FPS taking place in the mining colony of Hadley’s Hope. Hadley’s Hope should be a familiar location to fans of the franchise, being the primary setting of 1986’s Aliens.

Aliens Meet Destiny

The project was developing under the title “Aliens: Hadley’s Hope“. Players would group up to shoot their way through PvE environments before facing a climactic battle with a Xenomorph Queen.

It sounds like the game would have been raid based, with multiple different Queen’s to fight in varying environments.

Above all, gameplay focused on teamwork, similar to how Rainbow Six: Siege requires co-operation for successful play. However, the title would have had a major focus on story, while expanding on the lore of the Aliens world.

Schreiber tweeted what look to be early pitch documents describing the game as a “story world-driven multiplayer adventure shooter dripping with atmosphere, lore and suspense.”

It sounds like the game would have also taken a page from Destiny‘s book, taking a Games-As-A-Service model. The pitch document mentions “long-range plans to add new content for years.” Whether this would have been paid, large scale expansions like Destiny‘s The Taken King, or free content updates like Borderlands 3′s “Bloody Harvest” event is unclear.

Duke Nukem: Forever developer 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks were co-developing Alien: Hadley’s Hope. Schreiber, like Bleszinski, attributes the cancellation of this game to the Disney acquisition of Fox last year.

Unlike Bleszinski’s cancelled Aliens game, which would have featured fan-favourite character Newt, it seems Schreiber’s game wouldn’t feature any recognisable characters, instead of following a group of “misfitting mix of colonists and marines.”

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