Annapurna Interactive Celebrating Fifth Anniversary With Special PS4 Box-set

Annapurna Interactive Celebrating Fifth Anniversary With Special PS4 Box-set

Annapurna Interactive hasn’t been around for long. Still, the publisher managed to release some of the most well received games of this generation. Now, to mark the company’s fifth anniversary, a box-set of eight games published by it is releasing for PS4.

Annapurna is known for publishing bite-sized, narrative driven games. Each game has a different play style and art style, but all of them stand out in their own way. The box set releasing will include eight of those games:

1. Donut County – a game where the player controls a donut-sized hole that swallows everything it comes across.

2. Gorogoa – a puzzle game where the player manipulates small images on a 2X2 grid to solve various mind bending puzzles.

3. Kentucky Route Zero – the most recent game published by Annapurna. It is a point-and-click game that focuses on narrative, with a distinct art style.

4. Outer Wilds – a new take on the rogue-like formula where the sun explodes every 22 minutes and it is up to the player to discover why that’s happening.

5. Sayonara Wild Hearts – a game about facing your emotions that’s an absolute pleasure to look at and listen to.

6. Telling lies – a part virtual desktop part FMV mystery game.

7. Wattam – a game about happy inanimate objects dancing together and solving puzzles.

8. What Remains of Edith Finch – where the player controls Edith as she discovers past events in her old family home.

The Deluxe Version, Looking Very Deluxe

The box-set will come in two variants. The first is the Deluxe Limited Edition. This version costs $199.99 and features an “ultra premium folio slipcase”, a forward from Annapurna’s founder and exclusive statements from each game’s creators. This version is limited to 2,000 copies and is available exclusively through iam8bit.

A Special Box-set to Commemorate the Beloved Publisher

The second version is the Ultimate PS4 Collection. It costs $179.99 and looks a lot like a box-set one might find for books. This version features a special sleeve to contain all of the games, with each game box featuring exclusive covers. This version will also be in limited quantity, and can be pre-ordered from different retailers.

Source; Eurogamer

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