Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Include In-Game Purchases

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Include In-Game Purchases

The ESRB has officially released their rating for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game’s eShop page shows the game received an “E for Everyone” rating.

While certain aspects of the rating are innocuous – like user interaction and comic mischief – the final tag has consumers worried. The rating reveals the game will feature in-game purchases.

The ESRB did not release any information beyond this, so customers are speculating how Nintendo plans to implement these purchases. Theories range from exclusive in-game cosmetics to a subscription-like service to automate town maintenance.

Another rumour making the rounds is that the purchases will be linked to the recently revealed save game restrictions.

With the recent atmosphere surrounding microtransactions in-game geared towards young children though, Nintendo would do well to tread lightly. Customers have made clear their disappointment with Nintendo’s recent mobile releases and their reliance on microtransactions.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons will release on March 20th for the Nintendo Switch.

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