Anarchic retro show, Digitiser to return with Series 2 Kickstarter!

Anarchic retro show, Digitiser to return with Series 2 Kickstarter!

Fans of retro gaming and anarchic humour rejoice! The utterly unique retro Digitiser the Show is returning to Youtube with a Kickstarter for series 2. Not in the know? Let us fill you in.

Memory Lane

For those ‘real gamers’ (old 1990’s gamers), Digitiser was a bit of a legend. It was a video games magazine with a difference – it was beamed direct to your television via the Teletext service.

It pushed the boundaries of gaming journalism with its irreverent humour and lack of fear to court controversy. No one was safe from its brand of humour – especially the tribal fanboyism that was very prevalent at the time. Oh and now as well we suppose.

Running from 1993 to 2003 and largely written by its co-creator and editor Mr Biffo (aka Paul Rose), it gave the world such famous on page characters as Fat Sow and personal favourite, Gossi the Dog. Alas, the loss of Teletext seemed like the end of Digitiser but nothing could be further from the truth.

The second coming

Mr Biffo returned with his own website, Digitiser 2000 in 2014 offering his brand of gaming, pop culture and random opinions. He also began Youtubing with the rather excellent Mr Biffo’s Found Footage before starting a Kickstarter campaign for Digitiser the Show in 2018. This was a six part weekly studio show that feature Mr Biffo and an assortment of who’s who in the UK retro gaming scene, including appearances from Larry Bundy Jr, Octav1us Kitten, Paul Gannon, Ashens, Nostalgia Nerd and many many others.

A matching shirt and Virtual Boy console? Smashing!

Now, after a couple of live shows, weekly videos on a wide variety of odd topics and a Christmas song, Mr Biffo is back with a Kickstarter campaign for a second series. Promising a weekly arcade challenge, more guests and odd features, the campaign has already smashed its initial goal of £25,000 with 20 days to go (as of writing). Pushing forward, there are some quite interesting stretch goals. Including an advertised Visit From A Monkey and Mr Biffo marrying an Amiga computer.

YouTube player

If you are into your retro or just like a healthy dose of daft Britishness in your weekly viewing, check out series 1 below. You can also visit the Kickstarter for pledges and some rather innovative rewards. If you like human hair that is.

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