July 5, 2022

An Update on Playdate: The Innovative New Handheld from Panic.

An Update on Playdate Header

It’s been a while since Playdate’s developers gave us any kind of update on their quirky little handheld. Yesterday evening that changed, popping up on Twitter for the first time since May. Playdate’s official Twitter laid out a fairly comprehensive thread with an update on Playdate.

There had been the odd tidbit on their Twitter page since last December, when the previous developer update was, but nothing hugely substantial. Yesterday’s thread gave actual tangible updates on how development is going and when we can expect the all important updates on their timeline, pre-order details, and more.

An Update on Playdate: Games

As the tweet above mentions there are about 250 people who now have their hands on a Playdate. Meaning there are now 250 people working on potential third party games for it. The thread showcases just a few of those games, and suffice to say they all look excellent so far.

One features a calligraphy brush where the direction is set by the crank on the side. Another features a car collecting coins as it drives around, and apparently the crank is really good at making the car drift. If you want to check out all the other games, and we really recommend you do, click on the original tweet above.

What Next?

Playdate’s twitter is fairly quick to remind us that not all of these projects will ship, but go on to say that regardless of that it’s impressive to see how quickly the developers have got up to speed with it. As an aside they also remind us that every Playdate is also a dev kit. So, if you were so inclined, you could develop your own game with your Playdate when it finally ships.

Their final tweet (sort of) acknowledges the elephant in the room, the release date. Telling us that we can expect a “BIG UPDATE” in the next few months. Apparently this update will include their timeline, pre-order details, a surprise, and title reveals of all the free games you’ll get in Playdate Season One.

Let us know if you’re as excited as we are that the creators of Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game are now making a quirky little handheld.

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