May 22, 2022

An Among Us Console Port Might Not Happen

As InnerSloth’s Among Us continues to take over the world, one last domain is left untapped; consoles. Could we see the game come to an Xbox or PlayStation?

Insanely popular indie whodunnit, Among Us has been the game of 2020.

Hitting high-levels of concurrent Steam players on a near daily basis, it’s quickly taken over the internet.

However, there’s one thing that Among Us hasn’t conquered yet; consoles. And, InnerSloth’s Forest Willard doesn’t think it’ll be an easy task.

Willard recently live-streamed an Among Us session with some other streamers. During the stream, 5uppp asked if InnerSloth had considered a console port.

“It’s something we’re starting to talk about, but we’d have to write a system for quick [communication] so it’d basically be for randoms, like Rocket League. I don’t know if we’d be able to implement console voice chat or not. I know one of the first things we’d want to add is a friend’s list type of account system because it’s so hard to do anything without it”.


As anyone who’s played Among Us can contest, the main draw of the game is communication between players. On a PC or mobile, this is easy to do. After all, both utilise a keyboard – either physical or digital and on-screen.

However, consoles aren’t gifted with such practises as standard. Yes, you can use a clip-on keyboard for your Xbox or PlayStation 4 controller. However, now everyone has one as standard and they don’t come pre-packed with the console. And whilst microphone chat might be an alternative, having different random people speaking at you might put some players off.

As a result, there’s a lot more to the port for InnerSloth to take on than a simple as-is port. So, for now at least, if you want to play Among Us, you’ll have to stick to PC or mobile.

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