AMD Reveal Next-Gen Ryzen CPU’s and RX 5700 GPU

AMD Reveal Next-Gen Ryzen CPU’s and RX 5700 GPU

AMD held their keynote conference at Computex 2019 today, one of the biggest hardware conferences of the year. AMD claimed that it would introduce technologies that have yet to enter the market, and deilvered! Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO, revealed their first Navi GPU, the RX 5700, and several Ryzen 3000 CPU’s.

The RX 5700 will continue using the 7nm introduced in the Radeon VII, but will move over to a new microarchitecture, RDNA. This replaces the existing GCN architecture and supposedly improves performance by 25%. The card tested well, with performance reportedly around 10% faster than Nvidia’s RTX 2070. However, the test that was used is heavily biased to AMD hardware, so more in-depth benchmarks need to be revealed before this can be taken as absolute.

AMD haven’t found great success with their previous GPU, the Radeon VII. This is likely due to the price-point being comparable to the RTX 2080, though having less features than its NVIDIA counterpart. We will learn more about the RX 5700, such as price and benchmarks, on June 10th at their Next Horizon Gaming conference. The high-end Ryzen 3000 was the star of the show, though.

AMD revealed benchmarks of each of the Ryzen 3000 CPU’s outperforming their Intel counterpart. Crucially, the 3800x and 3900x outperformed the 9900K and 9920X respectively. Not content with outperforming Intel’s flagship CPU’s, AMD have positioned these CPU’s at Intel’s mid-range price-point, effectively providing the same performance for 50% the cost.

This further positions AMD to lead the market in terms of making high-end performance accessible to all. It’s a welcome innovation from the tech giant, who have been clawing back some of the CPU market share since the release of their Ryzen range. Their commitment to cost efficiency is underlined by the fact that these CPU’s will function on AM4 chip sets, meaning existing users can upgrade while cutting the cost of having to buy a new motherboard.

This is all the more impressive when considering they are also releasing their next-gen motherboard chipsets, the X570. There will be 56 X570 motherboards at launch, supporting up to 40PCIe lanes. Of note, the chipset supports the new PCIe 4.0. Improvements are welcome, though it should be noted that no current GPU’s or NVME drives that have been bottlenecked by PCIe 3.0. So it’s unclear what effect this will have on gaming.

I have to say, I agree with AMD when say these CPU’s are “What technology leadership is all about.” I can’t wait to see what AMD have for us at E3!

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Sources: PC Gamer & Euro Gamer

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