AMCREST AWC195-B 1080P Webcam – Review

AMCREST AWC195-B 1080P Webcam – Review

Here at Any Button Gaming, we have been streaming on our Twitch channel for the last year regularly. During which time, we have bought and tested lots of different hardware in order to get our stream quality as good as financially possible. Fortunately, we’ve had the opportunity to try a new webcam recently, the AMCREST AWC195-B 1080P Webcam.

The AWC195-B is a 1080P webcam, and on paper, looks like a really good deal. Amazon is currently offering the device at a low price of £27.99.

AMCREST boasts that the budget-friendly camera comes with the following features:

  • Full 1080P Video
  • Detachable Privacy Cover
  • Built-In Microphone
  • 90º Wide View Angle Lens
  • 5ft 9in USB 2.0 Cable
  • Multi-platform Compatibility
  • Versatile Mounting Clip & Tripod Thread

So far, it all sounds like a quality device. But how does it compare against our Logitech C920? Let’s have a look in the ABG streaming set up;

First off, it’s a decent looking device. The matte black case and chrome details give it a nice premium look and feel. I would go as so far to say it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. The logo on the front is nice and small and the chrome around the lens is a nice touch.

The detachable privacy cover means you have an option of the pop-up cover or remove it completely if, like me, you have your webcams plugged into a USB hub with separate power supply.


The built-in microphone is serviceable for video calls. It also leaves an excellent opportunity for the application of the camera in a more work-orientated or social setting. I wouldn’t recommend ever using a webcam mic as your primary microphone when streaming. But, if you are just starting out, or if your current mic fails, then it makes a suitable stop-gap in-between. That goes for most webcam mics though, not just the AMCREST.


The video quality isn’t quite on par with the Logitech C920, but it’s not a million miles away from it. Plus, with some tinkering in the settings, your audience wouldn’t tell it’s a “budget” webcam. It even works well with green/blue screens. So, if that’s something you are looking for then that’s another box ticked. As with any chroma filtering though, it’s only going to work as well as your lighting will allow. I currently run 2 photography lightboxes and a light ring to remove any shadows. Lighting is key.

So would I recommend the AMCREST AWC195-B? Yes, I would. If you are looking for a cheap, reliable, and versatile webcam for streaming, webinars, or Zoom calls, I can’t see why you would not buy this camera.

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AMCREST AWC195-B 1080P Webcam – Review
  • 9/10
    Overall - 9/10


The AMCREST AWC195-B 1080P Webcam is a great entry-level webcam for streamers but is equally practical for use in the workplace or video calls. 

The webcam is well designed, good looking and cheap. It’s definitely a bargain we can recommend.

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