May 23, 2022

All Hail Lord Tachanka as he receives a mighty overhaul

Tachanka has arguably been one of Rainbow Six Siege’s worst operators since the game released. He has managed to avoid major backlash though by becoming Siege’s most beloved meme. Ubisoft are now looking to improve him and are committing to reworking Tachanka into a viable defender.

Tachanka is the first of what Ubisoft now considers a true operator rework.

In Year 5 and beyond, reworks will make bigger changes to operators’ roles. Smaller changes to an op’s existing role, like the recent nerf to Jackal, Ubi now considers a “tweak”. We don’t know when we will get to play as the new Lord but we do know he will be coming to the test server sometime in 2020.

Tachanka’s iconic look has made him appear in many memes.

Tachanka’s new gadget is a grenade launcher that creates pockets of fire on the ground.

We see [Tachanka] as an area denier that could be a solid alternative to Smoke or Goyo.

Lead game designer Jean-Baptiste Halle.

Halle went on to say, “Right now if you play him right, learn the angles, and know the best places to set on fire, you can deny a pretty big amount of space for a pretty long time.

He then added that the grenade launcher is meant to be “spammier” than other projectile gadgets in Siege. Given that these grenades aren’t quite as effective as, say, a Goyo shield it likely means that Tachanka will have a decent supply of launcher ammo.

That may sound overwhelming but, as mentioned above, the fire created by each grenade is much smaller than those created by Goyo or Capitão. For instance, to deny the same area as a Volcán shield, you might need to use two or three fire grenades. Also did we mention that these grenades can bounce? Well they can! Halle said this mechanic makes Tachanka’s launcher “really fun to play with, but hard to master.

Despite all the changes, Tachanka will still be a 3-armor operator.

Gaining a Launcher means Tachanka loses his trademark turret. Fear not as he’s taking it mobile!

So with the turret’s same heavy-hitting impact and absurd firepower now mobile, Ubisoft hopes Tachanka’s destructive capabilities will fortify his role as an “architect” of defense.

The focus, however, is firmly on his new primary utility, inheriting the spot his mounted turret once filled. The incendiary grenade launcher will allow Tachanka to drop fire on unsuspecting attackers, with a bouncing round that explodes upon impact.

Incendiary Grenades will help to herd attacker’s down certain routes

Tachanka reworked is slated to hit Rainbow Six Siege in Year 5 although no date has been set.

For more information about what else is coming in Year 5 click here. Or for more detailed information about Operation Void Edge click here.

Do you like Tachanka? What do you think of the rework? Will you accept Tachanka as our true lord and saviour? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: windows central, Ubisoft, express

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