July 3, 2022

Akupara Games to Release Tabletop game, UFO a Go-Go.

The Party Space Showdown is coming to Kickstarter October 9th 2018!

It’s party season throughout the galaxy, and everyone is Hosting a spectacular celebration! But who is going to be crowned supreme overlord of all parties…is it you? Akupara Games is proud to announce the launch of UFO a Go-Go, an intergalactic tabletop party card game due to land in our galaxy on Kickstarter on October 9th, 2018!

You and your friends take on the role of enthusiastic Party Hosts wanting to earn the prestigious title of Intergalactic Party Captain! To achieve this, you must invite and maintain the most Aliens to your party. Hosts take turns drawing cards in hopes of finding an Alien. Aliens are worth one point, but they bring a special rule for only you to follow. If you catch another Host messing up on one of their Alien rules, that Alien will leave their party and join yours. Reach the designated number of points and maintain them for five turns to win!

Watch out, because along the way there are VIP Challenges, Galactic Events, and Party Favors to help or hinder you on your quest to throw the ultimate party.


  • Colorful Cards – in four categories: Aliens, VIP Cards, Galactic Events, and Party Favors
  • Original Artwork – with humorous characters to bring the party atmosphere to life
  • Winner’s Bridge and Tokens – allow for a visual way to track who is in the lead
  • Future Expansion Packs – bring new rules and gameplay elements to the table.

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