May 25, 2022

AKA – Time To Help The Panda

Looking for Inner Peace

Aka is a small open world adventure game developed by Cosmo Gatto and published by Neowiz.

Cosmo Gatto is a professional animator who has worked with DreamWorks Studio and has been working on Aka a game where you are looking for “inner peace”.

You play as Aka, a retired red panda soldier who has decided to settle on a small island after the end of the war. Here, he must seek out the Ghosts who inhabit the land and help to rest their souls by bringing them closure to their lives.

The game is a mix of open-world exploration, life and farming simulation, and quest-based adventuring, all with a heavy focus on nature.

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Aka Official Trailer

Players will be able to control Aka and help him grow plants, flowers, and vegetables in a system inspired by permaculture. Garden design and wild animals will play a role in what plants you grow, how you grow them, and how successful you are. You will also need to construct a shelter, clothes, and items for the quests that you’ll need to undertake to make friends and help Ghosts. The game isn’t linear either, and you can choose to do many of the game’s quests in whatever order you want.

At present there is no definite release date other than a tentative “Summer 2022”. Make sure that you are following Any Button Gaming across the socials so you do not miss out on updates on this game and many others.

Aka will be released for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Steam

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