Adonis – Our November’s Indie Spotlight Game

Adonis – Our November’s Indie Spotlight Game

As our regular readers know every month we feature an Indie game that we think has real potential. November’s spotlight falls on Adonis.

Adonis has been in development by Lorenzo Games and it has been a labour of love since the Spring of 2017

So what is Adonis?

It is a MMORPG set in the Land of Candala. This is a fictional open world where the players explore and battle. From the gameplay that I have seen it looks like it will provide players with a truly mesmerizing PvP experience.

Upon launch the majority of the gameplay will be PvP based. However starting from January 2021 PvE content will be released.

The game focuses on both large scale and a smaller scale PVP fantasy combat. There will be dedicated servers (including international locations) that will provide a minimum of 2 game modes at launch: 1,500 open world battles (territory battles on Everhaven & West Candala – large scale maps) and 6v6 battles on smaller scale areas/maps (including Everhaven Castle and South Candala Bay)

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The official rules, regualtions and round times have yet to be released for these game modes. However, lead developer Michael says: “I can assure the public that we do have the resources and technology to support these game modes“.

What makes Adonis different from the plethora of PvP games currently available?

Adonis allows for real-time dodging of spell cast attacks (and other special attacks) and requires a certain level of aim and accuracy to both attack and defend in-the-moment scenarios.

Stay tuned for more detailed information on Adonis and get to know more about the developers and the story behind the games development in my next article. There will be a stream over on our Twitch channel hopefully with one of the game developers on the 9th November. Make sure you are following us on Twitch so you do not miss this opportunity to see the game in action.

At the time of writing the game will retail for $29.99 USD ($22.49 USD discounted launch price). It will launch on PC on the 13th November 2020

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