May 22, 2022

Activision confirms a new Call of Duty will be out in 2020

Unsurprisingly Activision will be releasing a new Call of Duty game this year, who could’ve guessed.

The publisher have talked about how well the Call of Duty brand has performed, this included both in mobile markets and also on consoles/PC territory.

Their earnings report for Q4 of FY2019, reflects how positively the franchise is being received.

Activision will be releasing a new main stream entry in the franchise this year as is customary, though they have yet to divulge which developer will be creating the game.

A Closely Guarded Secret

Although this is the first official confirmation of the 2020 game, it’s interesting that company executives didn’t share studio names.

Coddy Johnson, President and COO has said that:

“And then, of course, in Q4 of this year, a new premium Call of Duty release, which is already generating excitement in our play tests.”.

In the same call, CFO Dennis Durkin added:

“We can’t wait to unveil what our teams have been working on, and we feel great about the content.”

Activision has stated that they do not expect the new title to sell as well as last years Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in Q4, though is only a presumption at this stage.

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Troubled Development

Last year, a Kotaku report revealed that Call of Duty 2020’s development had been troubled.

There is rumoured to be creative differences between Sledgehammer and Raven, the two developers creating the game.

This caused Activision to bring in Treyarch midway through 2019 in order for the game to ship on schedule in 2020.

This years Call of Duty is rumored to be a new Black Ops title.

However not much else is know about the project at this point in production.

It must be quite a rift of creative influences for them to also bring in Call of Duty veterans Treyarch.

Though there’s no doubt they can help the game to ship on time.

As the year rolls on toward the the big game events, expect to start hearing a lot more about the game.

Sourced from: VG247

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