ABG’s Handy TemTem Type Chart

ABG’s Handy TemTem Type Chart

New Poké-themed MMO TemTem has quickly taken the internet by storm. A long-awaited MMO that utilises the familiar Pokémon creed of “Catching Them All”, TemTem is a breath of fresh air.

Well, now that you can play it, that is!

However, with a new game comes a whole new learning curve. Remember how long it took you to learn about Pokémon‘s types and what to use against whom? Yeah, gotta do that all over again!

Thankfully, we here at ABG have your back. Check out our handy Type Chart below for all your strengths and weaknesses needs (as seen in the official TemTem Wiki)

TemTem Type Chart

TypeStrong Against (x2)Weak Against (x0.5)
Nature, CrystalFire, Water, Earth
Fire, Earth, DigitalWater, Nature, Toxic
Water, EarthFire, Nature, Toxic
Water, Mental, Wind, DigitalNature, Electric, Earth, Crystal
Fire, Electric, CrystalWater, Nature, Wind
Neutral, MeleeCrystal
ToxicElectric, Wind
Mental, Digital Melee
Earth, CrystalMental, Melee
Electric, MentalFire, Earth
Water, NatureEarth, Digital, Crystal, Toxic

As you can see, a fair few Types are weak against themselves. Apart from the ones that aren’t. And then there’s Digital, which apparently isn’t weak against anything, even though Water is strong against it. Erm. Right.

All this aside, TemTem is shaping up to be the break from Pokémon that we’ve all been waiting for. The types might take a little time to get used to, but that’s what we’re here for!

Be sure to check out our future review of TemTem once Alex Morrison has put enough time into it. Until then, happy hunting!

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TemTem is currently available via Steam and Humble Bundle. There are consoles versions – including none-Nintendo ones! – due out later this year.

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