July 5, 2022

ABG’s First Impressions Of My World Action RPG Maker (Early Access)

My World Action RPG Maker is a little bit different from the norm, not really a game but not really a game builder. So what is it? Well at the moment it feels a bit like it doesn’t really know. My World feels like it’s attempting to bridge the gap between playing games and creating them by taking the premise of games such as Minecraft to a whole new level. Instead of just creating worlds that you can live in, My World attempts to expand on that, allowing you to go past the normal everyday building game and move over into the realms of creating actual story-driven content for your new creation.

Although extremely simplistic in its approach it does actually do everything quite well. Does that mean the idea of an RPG maker game works? It sort of does and sort of doesn’t. At the moment it feels like there’s something missing, although creating the games was fun, playing them (and other peoples) left me feeling rather disheartened. That’s possibly down to the limited options available at the moment when it comes to just what you can and can’t do. Don’t let that put you off though, the concept is a solid idea and one that can be built on over time.

Load up the game and you arrive at the ‘HUB’, an area where you can progress through the program via portals. All nicely laid out with each portal titled for ease of use, it’s a nice touch, utilising this area instead of the standard start menu works well with this type of game. It’s easy for you to navigate to your preferred area, change characters or leave the game by the intimidating red portal. This simplicity is a key feature of the program and one that will be suited for younger audiences. In fact, the game as a whole has a feel about it that implies its primary target are the Minecraft players, the 10-15-year-olds who are looking for something a bit more advanced than just building.

Starting off with the ‘playing’ side of My World, it feels like the weakest aspect of the game at the moment. Head through your portal and you’re whisked away to the steam store to browse the community content. Games that players themselves have created and posted for you to play. It’s a nice approach having everything set through steam, as this utilises the steam ratings, making it easy to find top rated games, but at the same time, it does feel a little clunky. The need to leave the game completely and load up a secondary program feels outdated, Hopefully, over time, this process will be implemented into the game and not as an external source.

Playing the games is a mixture of fun and boredom for me, although as stated earlier this is more than likely due to the intended age range for the game, and the simple layout/controls you have on offer. What you can play is rather limited at the moment, and nothing really in depth caught my eye. Although it’s obvious that a lot of time has been taken over many of the games, thanks to the very simple graphics, old school quest systems utilising reading only, it became very monotonous very quickly. Imagine a very old school World of Warcraft, but with very limited options, and you get somewhere close to the games. The issues underlining these games are down to the building side of My World, but just how in depth can you go before creating games becomes overly complicated?

It’s obvious that for these player made games to become fun, there needs to be a lot more options in game to help you connect with these creations. At this early stage in the game’s development it’s not possible for this level of complexity, but in the future who knows. With limited character customizations, interaction, simple controls and limited world options. the Gaming side of My World is poor at the moment, but that’s not necessarily the programmes or even the players/creators fault. It is, after all, an Early Access title.

Switch over to the creator side and the whole RPG maker opens up into a really fun little program. Once again the use of simple controls helps you create worlds in no time whatsoever, with a good array of options from landscapes to items, to bosses. Spend long enough here and you could create a very complex landscape, from pyramids to sprawling forests. There are a few options missing that I felt should have been included, even at this early stage, such as rivers/lakes, and the ability to have different biomes – such as snow or sand. The closest available option changed the horizon background to a slightly different image.

The ability to create quests and utilise custom dialogue is excellent and as stated many times – it’s simple to use. This allows you full freedom to create any type of adventure you see fit, although as explained earlier, at the moment your dreams of a great story don’t always transfer over to a fun game.

As a whole, the idea of a game where you can create your own RPG is a good concept and the basic programme that you use is excellent. With the right amount of tweaking in the right places by the developers, My World RPG Maker could be an excellent project, albeit one that’s suited for younger players. The best way to engage older users would be to make the creation/programme side more detailed and in-depth. But, that would loose what makes it the idea it is today. A simple game that allows you to create what you want with the story you wish to play.

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