ABG’s Favourite Indie Games

ABG’s Favourite Indie Games

God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Halo, Red Dead Redemption, everyone has AAA games that they love. And no favourite games list would be complete without them. But scattered in between these massive games, there are some really unique and awesome indie titles that don’t get the attention they deserve. So, some of the editors here at ABG have decided to put a list together of some of their favourites in the hopes that you might not miss these indie gems. Here are ABG’s Favourite Indie Games.

Child of Light – Jason Wotherspoon

Made by a tiny studio called Ubisoft, Child of Light tells the fairytale of Aurora. Set to a poem, Aurora dies and finds herself in the world of Lemuria; A world devoid of Sun, and moon and stars. She must fight alongside her companions against the Queen of Night to return what was stolen and help her father and her people. She journeys through some beautiful environments thanks to the artwork and sound design. And the soundtrack has become a staple of my playlists. The gameplay itself consists mainly of turn-based combat with puzzle elements. All in all, it’s a complete package of gameplay, characters and story that makes this one of my favourite games.

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Papers, Please – Rob Whitchurch

Set in the fictional dystopia of Great Britain… I mean Arstotzka, Papers, Please is a puzzle simulation game, with tough choices and hidden agendas. Made by 3909LLC and released in 2013, you take control of a poorly paid immigration officer who must decide who is allowed into the country.

Each day the list of rules grows larger, adding more stress to the player. Using your newly acquired tools to see if the person is allowed in or not, the longer you take in deciding, the fewer people will pass through the checkpoint. This means you’ll earn less money needed to buy items for your family, like food, heat and medicine. If you don’t earn enough your family will die…. so no pressure then.

There are ways to acquire more money and save your family, but with the possible reward comes bigger risks. The choices you make will affect the game in different ways. With TWENTY possible endings and an unlockable endless mode, Papers Please will keep you occupied for hours…NOW SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!

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Hades – Darren “The Boss” Colley

Hades is a roguelike action role-playing game putting you in the shoes of Zagreus, the son of aforementioned Hades as you battle your way through the underworld to ascend to the heights of Mount Olympus.

Defy the god of the dead as you hack and slash your way out of the Underworld in this rogue-like dungeon crawler from the creators of Bastion and Transistor.

Boasting a unique comic book/anime art-style, kinetic combat, epic weapons and well-crafted story and characters, Hades is one, if not the best game of its genre. It even has a Captain America style shield you can use to throw at multiple enemies. Need I say more?

The legendary indie studio SuperGiant Games launched Hades into early access back in December 2018 and never looked back. Going from strength to strength, Hades has grown and improved over its time in early access and finally released on PC and Switch this September.

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Children of Morta – Mike “The Duke” Allen

This Indie sleeper hit absolutely blew me away with its phenomenal storytelling, narration, atmosphere, and art design. A Kickstarter success story from 2015; Imagine a dungeon crawler mashed into rogue-lite with A-RPG elements.

You’ll play the Bergson’s, a warrior family destined to protect Mount Morta from forces of darkness and corruption. From phenomenal graphical composition to beautiful sound design – it’s all truly incredible.

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Horace – Mamma S

Developed by Paul Helman and Sean Scaplehorn and published by 505 Games, Horace reminds me of a SNES-era platformer mixed with an honest, gripping storyline, and even that does not do this Indie game justice.

The story progresses between bits of platforming through the use of 16-bit cut-scenes narrated by Horace himself. Booting up for the first time in an enormous home, Horace is met with both his human family and the task of learning how to…robot. When not sure what his purpose was, the Old Man (father figure) of the family tasks Horace with cleaning one-million items. Trust me, there is more to the story than this!

There is a lot of running, jumping, and collecting as one would expect from a platforming game. These standard platforming tropes are elevated through the introduction of anti-gravity elements to an almost puzzle-like degree at times.

Additionally, Horace is interspersed with non-platforming components in the form of mini-games. Some of these mini-games are directly integrated into the game related to what is going on.

Horace is an endearing, nostalgic, platforming masterpiece, which frequently had me howling with laughter and at time growling with frustration.

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Untitled Goose Game – King James Wright

This was genuinely quite a difficult choice. I mean, how can you pinpoint your favourite indie game? There’s far too many great ones to choose from! And, regardless of your genre of choice, artstyle of choice, or indeed platform of choice, there’s just so many options to choose from.

However, I could not, in good consciousness, not crown my 2019 Game of the Year as my favourite indie game ever; Untitled Goose Game. In a world where we are perpetually thrust into the role of “protagonist” or “hero” or “good guy”, sometimes, you just want to be a tw@! UGG is just such a game.

The premise is simple; you play as a goose whose goal is to cause as much mayhem as possible. You do this by terrorising a quaint little English garden village. Stealing items, breaking stuff, moving things around, and scaring little glasses wearing nerds; UGG has it all.

The gameplay is simplistic yet mildly challenging. From the first interaction with a human, you must learn how to use every goose-given power you have access to. Honking, flapping, pulling things with your beak, stealth; it’s all there.

The soundtrack is adorable, the animation is quaint, the narrative is easy-to-follow, and the sheer fun you can have is second-to-none. Hell, UGG managed to win Game of the Year 2019 on two separate occasions!

Developer House House has put a fair amount of work into the game post-launch, as well. A recently released multiplayer mode means two geese can terrorise the village at the same time! Plus, how can anyone forget all those memes!

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Hollow Knight – Olly S

As a self-confessed graphics and fidelity thot, it took me longer than most to embrace the indie scene. With the almost ceaseless barrage of mouth wateringly beautiful triple A fodder, it’s easy to dismiss something that looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint. This was my somewhat stoic attitude for too long. What a class A fool I was.

The FromSoft aficionado that I claim to be, I finally took the plunge and bought a much exulted souls-like, Hollow Knight for my faithful Switch. Boy oh boy, I was in for one hell of a ride.

Just look at that cute lil’ face! And also Grim. Fuck Grim.

Hollow knight sees you as the “ghost”, a absurdly cute little bug, armed with a rusty nail and dropped into the sublime “Hollow Nest”. Labyrinthine in its design, this literal nest would be my happy escape for some 30 something hours, an obscene amount of time to spend in a game developed by three man operation Team Cherry.

Hollow Knight remains the very best souls-like I have played, despite looking nothing like a souls game at first glance. So much so, in fact, that I would sooner not compare it to Dark Souls at all. It is a vast and wondrous game, the art style luscious and charismatic from one setting to the next. Switching between the hexagonal, amber hued “Hive”, to the dank, foreboding hell-scape of “Deepnest”, the artistic magnificence is surpassed only by the score. Which is utterly, breath-taking, atmospheric to a tee, and at perfect harmony with the stage and setting of this incredible game.

Since then I consider myself inescapably converted to the cause. Time and again, what blows me away by these little gems is that they can evoke feeling in me equal to that the rarest of triple A accomplishments. All this, as is the case for Hollow Knight from a team of just three people. If you want to hear me indie fanboy some more, then please do go check out my Celeste review. But this was the game that set everything in motion, and an experience that will never be exceeded, for that very reason.

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So there we have it, ABG’s favourite indie games. There are literally tonnes of great titles out there but these are the ones that came to mind first. So if you get the chance, why not take a look at them.

Or maybe we missed your favourite (probably did!), if so, what is it, and why? Let us know so we can see for ourselves!

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