ABG at the Box/Lenovo Legion Reveal Press Event

ABG at the Box/Lenovo Legion Reveal Press Event

Without tooting our own horns, ABG may have started to break the barrier into being…dare I say it…a known entity?

At our very first press release event, Darren Colley and James Wright represented ABG at Box‘s Lenovo Legion reveal event. To say we were excited would be an understatement!

As the pair travelled from their respective homes to Birmingham, Darren and I headed to the Purecraft Bar & Kitchen for an evening of techy goodness and gaming bliss. We were met by the amazing host Laura, who led us down to the bar’s basement area. We entered a room filled with streamers, various content creators, and members of Lenovo’s Legion team.

It was a pretty decent turn-up considering the size of the room, too.

We Drank

After some introductions, we headed to the bar to grab a couple of complimentary drinks – it would be rude not to! From there, we headed into a separate room dedicated to the various Legion products on show.

I’m not well-versed in laptop or PC gaming, but even I was taken aback by some of the products available.

Amongst the many products on display was the Legion Y740S. To call a machine beautiful seems obtuse or even pretentious at times, but this was a stunning piece of kit. Slimline to the point that if you looked at it sideways on, you might not see it, the Y740S boasts some breathtaking beauty.

But better than that, it also boasts tremendous functionality. You could take it with you to the local coffee shop or to the office and do all your mundane day-to-day stuff like a normal laptop. But, with the added Booststation connected, you have an (almost) portable powerhouse of gaming perfection.

We’ll have a separate post dedicated to the various spec sheets for the Legion products in due time for anyone intrigued. Think of this as more of a teaser or some foreplay to get you in the mood for more.

We Got Nerdy

For anyone unfamiliar with Legion, they happen to be amongst the most popular gaming PC/laptop brands on the planet. Claiming around 45% of the market in Scandinavia, and above 70% in China, they are a trusted brand. However, due to the sheer lack of advertisement in the UK, they don’t even hit double figures back home.

The various members of the Lenovo/Box team there were helpful and as interested in hearing what we knew about gaming laptops as they were in telling us about them. Sounds counter-intuitive, I know. However, in this profession, especially as a smaller guy, it’s the little things that matter.

Mushy stuff aside, the evening was tremendous fun. We had a chance to do some serious networking – the fruits of which you’ll see soon.

We Drove Fast Cars

There was also a gaming booth set up with a Top Gear “Star-in-a-Reasonably-Priced-Car”-styled competition on Project Cars 2. The aim was simple enough; get around a track in a BMW…something something (I apologise, wine-drunk James sucks at taking adequate notes) in the fastest time possible. The set-up featured a high-quality driving wheel, race car bucket seat, and pedals. And when you spin-off, the steering wheel goes around in realtime. Unless you can control the spin. Or, you know, you’re a good racing driver and don’t spin-off.

Both Darren and I had a go. This was despite his lack of skills at Project Cars 2 and my…ample amounts of wine I had consumed. At one stage, I was second on the leaderboard! And then other people, including Darren, took over me.

The competition was to win an assortment of Lenovo branded goodies, including a wireless keyboard, headset, and mouse. Tasty stuff indeed.

We Had a Blast

Plus, Darren got to talk cars and more with The Gadget Show‘s very own Jon Bentley. Watching Jon and The Gadget Show when he was a younger was one of the highpoints of Darren’s childhood. And to meet him in person was a true honour and a massive tick in the proverbial life box.

It’s not too often we get the chance to take a moment out from reporting on news to thank somebody in the industry. But this is one of those. It was a wonderous evening for both Darren and myself. Hopefully, it will be one of many others in ABG‘s bright future. Many thanks go out to Laura, Box, Emma, the staff at Purecraft, our newfound (drunk) friends, and to Jon Bentley.

We will have a Legion product line article out just as soon as we have the product spec sheets. In our combined drunken stupor, we stupidly forgot to note anything down or take a photograph of the specs. And we call ourselves journalists!

For anyone looking for more information on Box, check out their website. They have amazing deals across a wide range of products with well-trusted and highly-recommended customer service. To find out more about the Lenovo Legion range, visit their website.

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