May 28, 2022

A TV Adaptation of Disco Elysium is in the Works

Studio ZA/UM’s Disco Elysium will soon be made into a TV series. There isn’t much to go on right now, but dj2 Entertainment will be producing it.

Disco Elysium is getting the TV show treatment.

According to Variety, dj2 Entertainment has picked up the acclaimed indie hit detective RPG.

dj2 Entertainment has some major chops to its name; CEO and founder Dmitri M Johnson was co-producer on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

As you can imagine, there is little else to report on with the project. Currently, no writers, cast, or even networks are attached to the project.

However, dj2 is looking to get a pitch together for this year.

Helen Hindpere, lead writer of ZA/UM, said;

“We’re so gratified at the response Disco Elysium has received, [and] very happy to be teaming with dj2 to expand the franchise for other media and new audiences”.

Meanwhile, Dmitri M Johnson stated;

“‘Disco Elysium is a phenomenal property with an expansive world and unlimited potential. The dj2 team is truly thrilled about this extraordinary opportunity to be part of it all”.

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