May 28, 2022

A Streamer Has Completed Pokémon Platinum Without Taking Any Damage

Smallant1 has managed to do something that – arguably – didn’t need doing. But, that is the power of the human mind. If there is something we can overcome, we will do it. Granted, his was completing a Pokémon game whilst taking zero damage, but still

Core Pokémon games can be easy. After two decades of repeated gameplay mechanics, a dedicated fan will know their way around any new game within seconds.

Hence why self-made challenges – like the Nuzlocke Run – exist.

For anyone not in the know, a Nuzlocke is a strict gameplay style players take on. Essentially, if any Pokémon faint in battle, they are actually dead and must be released into the wild.

This can be gruelling if you’ve spent hours raising an EV-perfect beast. And then a clumsy error wipes out your perfect monster.

But what about if you think that Nuzlocke doesn’t offer quite enough of a challenge? Well, one streamer – Smallant1 – decided to attempt Pokémon Platinum under an extreme difficulty setting.

The TL;DR is gameplay had to be reset if any of Smallant’s Pokémon take any damage. And by any damage, we mean from literally anything in-game: poisoning, confusion, weather debuffs, hit with recoils, or general attack damage.

Sounds easy in later gameplay, but think about your first battle in-game. With your newly acquired Pokémon starter taking on your rival’s first Pokémon. Both of you have two moves and no special items or typing to avoid damage.

Oh, and saves were limited to one after each Gym had been completed. Meaning hours upon hours had to be calculated and planned in advance.

And yet he still managed it with a Bibarel in his team!

The Best Laid Plans of Pikachu and Men

Smallant’s first few attempts didn’t go to plan. At first, they decided to choose Piplup, which made his rival choose Turtwig. Turtwig would have to use the move Withdraw six times in a row and then miss attack twice in a row to get through unscathed.

After this didn’t work out, Smallant restarted and chose Turtwig. This whole process of trial and error took nearly an hour. That’s an hour on the literal first battle.

From here, Smallant spent some time grinding. Nine hours of grinding to be exact. Against Kriketot. A further eight more hours were spent grinding just to become strong enough to beat the first Gym.

Again, if any Pokémon suffered enough a single hit of damage, Smallant had to restart. Hence the aforementioned length of time spent grinding. All in all, Smallant spent a staggering 140 hours in-game. Talk about dedication.

As you can see from the screenshots, by the time he reaches the Elite League, Smallant has maxed out a Glaceon, Staraptor, Torterra, Floatzel, and caught a Giratina. Oh, and clocked in nearly 140 in-game hours and reset over 69 times!

The abridged YouTube video is down below. It’s been edited down to a more bitesize 20 minutes.

YouTube player

This isn’t the first instance of a No Damage run taking place, but it is perhaps the most recent. And certainly the most painstaking to watch. I mean, having to have a Bibarel and a Turtwig on your team? I couldn’t do it! #WaterStarter4Life!

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