May 23, 2022

A Star Wars: KOTOR sequel is Rumoured to be in Development at EA

A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) sequel is rumoured to be in development at EA.

The source Cinelix; who leaked the existence of the Obi-Wan TV show last year, suggests the possibility due to two separate sources.

The sources it claims are close to Disney’s Star Wars plans.

Supposedly a new take on BioWare‘s RPG has been greenlit by publisher Electronic Arts.

In the past fan made reboots have received cease and desist orders when showing promise.

If you believe the rumours the game will to “integrate elements from the first two games in order to bring certain things into the current Star Wars canon.”

The rumour mills have been circulating the idea of a KOTOR remake for years.

God of War style re-imagining?

But this report now claims this new project could be more of a sequel/re-imagining than direct reboot.

If they look at the God of War 2018 type reboot as a base idea, this could really have potential to satisfy the fanatical Star Wars fan base.

Given the mostly positive reception of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as well as the talk of an ambitious multimedia project from Disney known as “Project Luminous”, this could be a real possibility.

EA could be looking to harvest some good will from the community by reviving beloved Knights of the Old Republic universe.

Whether BioWare itself will be involved is still unclear given that they are working on several games currently.

Busy Old Bioware

These projects include Anthem, Dragon Age 4, and a new Mass Effect game; which given the recent teaser from Bioware could be further along than originally thought.

But could Bioware be stretching itself too thin? With all this going on concurrently this could just be a pipe dream.

I guess we’ll have to keep our ears open until E3 when you’d hope to find out more about all their current projects.

Sourced from: gamesradar

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