A Sequel to Immortals: Fenyx Rising is, Allegedly, in Production

A Sequel to Immortals: Fenyx Rising is, Allegedly, in Production

Ubisoft’s Immortals: Fenyx Rising is, allegedly, going to be receiving a sequel.

This is according to journalist Jeff Grubb (on his Game Mess Decides podcast), at least.

The original Immortals saw you play Fenyx, a young hero/heroine (player decided the protagonist’s gender), who journeyed the Greek Isles and battled members of the Greek mythos pantheon.

According to Grubb, the sequel looks to be based on Polynesian culture and legends.

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“Ubisoft Quebec sequel to Immortals: Fenyx Rising is not a proper sequel, it’s more of a spin-off in the same production”, Grubb commented.

“…Name of the game is called ‘Oxygen‘ [presumably a placeholder for now]. You’re a hero – a guy or a girl because Ubisoft [sic]. It’s based on the Hawaiian Polynesian culture this time around … still [has] a god narrator, [Ubisoft] tried to still be visually stylised but less of a copy of [The Legend of Zelda] Breath of the Wild.

…it’s coming maybe 2025″.

[GM Decides 258, 1:07:19 – 1:07:55]

Ubisoft has officially cancelled no fewer than four of its planned upcoming games.

However, there is nothing to say that the Immortals sequel/spin-off/reboot is one of them.

After all, it is still a considerable way off – 2025 – after all.

We will have to wait and see what – if anything – becomes of this possible new entry into the Immortals franchise.