• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

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    A Remake of the Remake of XIII is Underway

    XIII, the once-beloved cel-shaded FPS title that spawned a remake nobody asked for or needed, is getting another remake.

    Or, technically, the remake is getting a remake.

    So, back in 2020, Microids and PlayMagic released the remake of XIII.

    And it was not well-received at all.

    Even still, to this day, some two years after the fact, the game is currently sitting on an “Overwhelmingly Negative” review score on Steam.

    However, both PlayMagic and Microids know how bad the game is.

    And, to remedy it, a new remake is coming later this year.

    In a recent Steam news blog post for the game, the teams said;

    “To achieve the quality standards and offer an optimal gaming experience, Microids decided to entrust the development of XIII Remake to the French studio Tower Five (Lornsword: Winter Chronicle). Hard at work for more than a year on a major update. This update will be released on September 13th.

    On that date, owners of the game will receive a free update and enjoy the game as intended. The development studio reworked the entire game from the Art Direction to the AI and added numerous technical improvements”.

    That’s right, Microids has outsourced the remake of the remake to the team behind Lornsword.

    As stated above, players who previously purchase XIII will receive the new update for free.

    Will it be enough? We’ll have to wait until 13th September to find out.

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    James Wright

    ABG's Senior Editor (News), YouTube content creator, Odysee content creator, King

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