A Remake of MediEvil 2 Could be on its Way

A Remake of MediEvil 2 Could be on its Way

The MediEvil remake is great! It’s a solid reminder as to why we fell in love with Sir Daniel Fortesque in the first place. Now, it looks like the sequel, MediEvil 2 could also have a remake on its way!

After a recent tweet by the game’s composer Andrew Barnabas, it seems we might be in for another beautifully re-made adventure as the lovably dim-witted, un-dead hero.

Fan-made Twitter page SaveMediEvil recently tweeted the composer. And the cryptic response has unsurprisingly caught people’s attention.

This is enough proof for the internet right? With many now believing that the remade sequel is right around the corner.

Salt at the Ready

Albeit an exciting idea, we have to take this with a pinch of salt. After fan reactions to his comment, Barnabas got on his bike to backpedal a bit.

The composer claimed his tweet was instead a response to a comment made by user AzureMusic about the game’s sales.

Whilst this does douse the fires a bit, anticipation is still brewing. We haven’t been short of classic remakes over the last couple of years. So work on a potential sequel wouldn’t be too surprising.

Especially since the game has received a lot of praise on how well it updated this cult-classic.

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Regardless of how and when it reaches us, I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Sir Daniel Fortesque.

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