May 22, 2022

A Plague’s Tale: Innocence Sells Over 1 Million Copies

A Plague’s Tale: Innocence has officially sold over a million copies in its first year of being around. For fans of Medieval France, magic powers, and rats (if you’ve played it, you’ll know), you won’t be surprised by this feat. But still, it’s wonderful news for Asobo Studio.

The amazing narrative-drive A Plague’s Tale has now sold over one million copies.

A Plague’s Tale sees you take control of a pair of French children during the rat pandemic of the Medieval era. Yes, the same one that brought us The Black Death.

You guide the children through the French countryside, avoiding enemies with stealth and…erm…magic powers in the game’s second half.

Throw in some puzzles and a genuinely good story and it was one of 2019’s best games.

Developer Asobo Studio’s co-founder David Dedeine said;

“The entire team at Asobo Studio is extremely proud of the path A Plague Tale: Innocence has taken in one year, [with] Focus Home Interactive by our side

Every day, more and more players are discovering the story of Amicia and Hugo, which is for us the greatest source of motivation. We can’t wait to bring other adventures and strong emotional experiences!”

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If you enjoyed A Plague’s Tale, you’ll be happy to know a sequel is planned. It recently appeared on the Game Pass but is also on PlayStation 4 and PC. And if you fancy getting it for free, it’s currently on sale on Steam. Winner winner.

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