May 23, 2022

A Nintendo PlayStation Was Sold at Auction for $300,000

One of gaming’s most obscure pieces of hardware has been picked up by one of the “Dot-com bubble bursts” biggest victims. Greg McLemore, the founder of, forked out over $300,000 for the Nintendo PlayStation prototype

A recently unearthed Nintendo PlayStation prototype was sold at auction for a staggering $300,000 (~£234,000). Founder of Greg McLemore won the prototype. The Nintendo PlayStation is amongst the rarest of gaming hardware with only around 200 ever made.

(It should be noted the final sales figure was actually $360,000 or ~£275,000. This additional $60,000 is an additional “buyer’s premium”).

Speaking to Forbes about his newest purchase, McLemore said:

“I’m interested in sharing my passion for gaming. One of my areas of focus is the evolution of gaming, including how earlier arcade games inspired video games and how early video games influenced later innovation. I believe the Nintendo PlayStation fits in well with this focus”.

For anyone unfamiliar with the ultra-rare prototype, the Nintendo PlayStation is, as you may have deduced, a Frankenstein’s monster of a machine. In essence, a SNES with CD-ROM capabilities, the Nintendo PlayStation was born of a doomed collaboration between Nintendo and Sony.

Derived long before the PlayStation 1 was born, the Nintendo PlayStation would have been Sony’s first entry in gaming hardware. However, following an infamous falling out between the two companies, the prototype never saw proper light of day.

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