A New Dynamic Background Available on Xbox Series X/S

A New Dynamic Background Available on Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox Series X/S has recently had a new dynamic background added to their library.

And long-term fans of Microsoft’s console will have plenty of fond memories.

Dubbed, “The Original”, a floating green ball of…ooze(?) can be set as console owner’s background of choice.

Yes, “The Original”, as you may have guessed, is based on the original Xbox’s background. The colouring and bright, ominous glow of the…ooze (seriously, what was that stuff?) harken back to days long since past. It doesn’t do much beyond float there and bring about nostalgia for old-school fans. But, it’s free, so there is that.

To access (or at least find out if you’ve got it added to your library), head to SETTINGS on your console. From here, find GENERAL (should be the first option). Next, click on PERSONALISATION. This will open up a new menu. Go down to the fourth option (“MY BACKGROUND”). Click on this to bring up yet another menu where you will find “DYNAMIC BACKGROUNDS”. (Big thank you to Darren Allez for the step-by-step).

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