A Major PS5 Firmware Update is Coming Today

A Major PS5 Firmware Update is Coming Today

Sony has announced that a major firmware update for PS5 owners is due today, and it’ll bring relief to those poor SSD’s that are reaching their 700GB capicity.

After updating your PS5, you’ll be able to transfer your save files over to USB extended storage to free up your SSD. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to transfer them back if you want to play them again, but Sony says that this method is quicker than re-downloading or copying from a disc.

Also mentioned is the fact that when you decide to transfer back your save data, if any updates have happened since you’ve moved it, they’ll begin automatically.

Another major victory in the storage wars

To check whether your USB External Device meets requirements, Sony has provided a dedicated page to answer any questions you may have. You can check it out here.

Sony also announced that’ll you’ll be able to Share Play across PS5 and PS4. If both players are in a party chat, the PS5 owner will be able to not only share their screen but ‘virtually’ hand over a controller to either co-op together or give the PS4 owner a taste of what owning a PS5 is like.

Now that we’ve gone over the main two announcements, here’s a summary of everything else they’ve mentioned:

  • Game Base Improvements. You’ll be able to switch between Parties and Friends much quicker to see which of your friends are online, plus you’ll be able to turn notifications on or off for each party that you’re in
  • Disable in-game chat or Adjust Player’s Volume. You’ll be able to disable in-game chat, which turns off mic audio for you and other players. You’ll also be able to increase or decrease other players mic, so you don’t have to keep shouting at each other.
  • Game Update Pre-download. Game updates will automatically begin downloading once released. This will only work if your console is in rest mode and automatic updates are enabled.
  • Customize Game Library, Trophy settings and Stats Screen. You’ll be able to customize the Library, and which Trophy achievements take a snapshot. You’ll also be able to adjust the magnification of the screen to suit your preference.

We’re still waiting on an SSD M.2 update from Sony, not to mention some sort of price for the drives themselves so gamers know how many kidneys they’ll have to sell. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.

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