A Few Of ABG’s Favorites Quests

A Few Of ABG’s Favorites Quests

Everyone loves a good quest, right? Be it raiding tombs, racking up kills, collecting items, (OR.. whatever Witcher 3‘s family matters is) quests tend to range a wide variety. So we’ve collected a few of our favorites here at Any Button Gaming to share with you.

Mike A. – Senior Editor

Borderlands 2 – “Shoot This Guy In The Face”

I’ll start this one off with “Shoot This Guy in the Face” ft. Face McShooty. This is a quest in Gearbox’s Borderlands 2 and, well, it’s exactly how it sounds. Here’s a psycho who wants desperately to be shot in the mug, help a brother out? This is Borderlands at its most and I love it so hard. Short, simple and sweetly to the point.

Fallout 3 – “The Power of The Atom”

Another personal favorite of mine is Fallout 3‘s very own “The Power of The Atom” one of the most badass missions I’ve ever played, with some of the most dramatic decisions experienced ingame. Spoilers alert, being responsible for having a town nuked has never been so sadistically epic.

Upon entering Megaton players may notice a literal nuke just chilling in the center of ‘town’. what they do with it can vary from as simple as disarming it, leaving it alone or… well, detonating it from a safe distance. Now, while this does have long lasting consequences for players (such as negative karma and being hunted by regulators), it IS incredibly badass.

David Parsons – Senior Editor

Dragon’s Dogma – “The Final Battle”

The first quest that came to mind, couldn’t be more epic in scope or even length as this is not a short quest to complete.

First you must climb the Tainted Mountain, then enter the Dragon’s Lair, face him down choosing to fight not sacrifice your loved one. Next, you must escape the wrath of the dragon Grigori, heading to the top of a tower for the chance to hit a sweet ballista shot, leading to you mounting your great foe for some brief aerial combat and verbal jousting.

Culminating in a colossal struggle between your crew of loaned friends and the wyrm, it’s so epic even writing this synopsis down doesn’t do it justice. Just go play it and stop reading my waffle.

“Thus you tread the path of all true Arisen: To face the dragon…and learn the real truth.”

Olly S – Senior Editor

Fallout 3: New Vegas – “Nellis Air Force Base”

When it comes to quest craft, there really is only one name in town. For a great very many of us out there, Bethesda is the name to beat. I mean, you only need to consider that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been released seven times in the last ten years to understand the draw of these exceptionally told tales. That’s Rockstar territory, figuratively and literally following GTA 5‘s 4th generational release earlier this year.

There’s no doubt why. Bethesda is a master storyteller, with tales bobbing and weaving between the paper-thin fabric of right and wrong. And there are plenty of quests to choose from. From beating Francis at arm wrestling, a super mutant in the isometric Fallout 2, to choosing to defuse the bomb, or not in Megaton from Fallout 3‘s “The Power of the Atom”, the list of exceptional distractions to keep your playtime running on and on is endless.

And whilst my favourite quest might not make your average top ten list, to me, it so perfectly summarises the darker side of decision making that makes Bethesda’s missions stick in the recesses of your mind. It comes from Nellis Airforce Base, an area northeast of New Vegas in the Mojave Wasteland. There’s lots going on here but crucially it’s inhabited by the Boomers, who as the name suggests have a certain fondness for all things explosive.

The quest in question is called “Young Hearts” sees you interact with Jack an inhabitant of the base, who is in love with another NPC, Jannet, who lives outside of the base. There are a bunch of steps the Courier can take to reunite these love birds, all of which require deactivating the Howitzer defense system, allowing her to safely enter. But here’s the kicker. With a successful 55 speech check, the player can opt to lie to Jannet, telling her she has permission and it’s safe to enter the base. On hearing this she’ll head straight on over, and the player can watch as she is promptly blown to pieces. Karma, shmarma, sometimes it just feels so damn good to be bad.

Rudy Manchego – Contributor

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – “The Wound”

Sometimes a quest comes along that sticks with you. Sure, it may not be the most exhaustive. It may not be that interesting. In fact, it could be a rather rubbish quest but it occupies a slot in your mind hole nonetheless. That is true of the World Event in AC Valhalla titled ‘The Wound’.

Or to give it its proper name – ‘Bloke with Axe’ stuck in his head. Because basically, that is all the quest is. You find someone that has had a bit of a scrap and been left alive with an axe stuck in his head. Now to be clear, this wound is terminal. He has a fricking axe in his head. He doesn’t really know what is going on and he wants to know if he has fought honourably and well. You can give him peace, tell him he has a chuffing great piece of metal in his cranium then pull it out.

Which completely ends the quest and he promptly dies. As one would. So why is it on the list? Because this is just something random that the folks at Ubisoft wrote, developed and recorded dialogue for. Twice actually (for the male and female protagonist). What a lot of work for a bloke with an axe in his head. Be honest, I bet you want to play it now.

That’s All Folks!

As always thanks for reading. And please let us know your favorite or most memorable quests, we’re excited to see what you come up with.

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