A Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game MIGHT be in the Works

A Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game MIGHT be in the Works

Okay, its pinch of salt time as this story has a few discrepancies!

Apparently, there is a Crash Bandicoot-themed endless runner mobile game in the works from King. This is according to a Tweet from users JumpButton and Motwera.

Whilst the news cannot be found on King’s website, that is not to say that the company doesn’t have plans.

JumpButton noted that Activision – who own mobile developers King – had previously stated;

“we are having King work on mobile adaptations of our biggest franchises”.

Whilst we personally cannot find any ‘official’ mention of a Crash Bandicoot Mobile game online beyond the aforementioned Tweets, JumpButton has sourced some game details from somewhere.

Furthermore, JumpButton has also noted that King previously ran adverts for the proposed game in Brazil. South American countries are as popular with mobile developers for testing as Japanese/Korean markets. The adverts ran over the holiday period on Facebook and referred to the game simply as “Crash Bandicoot Mobile”.

We will have to see if the validity of these Tweets comes true. I for one would enjoy a Crash-themed endless runner on mobile. Aside from the inevitable microtransactions that litter King games, of course. We will have more on this story if and when it becomes available.

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