May 22, 2022

A Conversation with Flavourworks – Interviewing the Team Behind Erica

ABGs Conversation with Flavourworks, the exceptionally gifted team behind Erica, the game that relaunched full motion video


Welcome to ABG’s A Conversation With, a series of interviews and discussions with interesting characters from across the gaming industry. This week, to celebrate the launch of astounding Full Motion Video game Erica on PC, we are talking with Jack Attridge and Pavel Mihajlovic Mi-Hal-O-Vich, co-founders of Flavourworks.

We talk Peter Moleneux, why Gaming’s silicon valley is in Guildford, Mario-ke and of course their fantastic enourgral game, Erica. Enjoy.

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From the Flavourworks Website

Erica allows you to immerse yourself in live-action video and make tactile choices through physical touch, offering a seamlessly flowing experience. Within the branching narrative, every choice has a profound effect on what the player will see next, with frequent decisions allowing continuous interaction. With a run-time of a feature length film, Erica offers a movie-like experience where players get to shape their unique path through the story, and decide what they truly believe.”

Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for Playstation 4 and iOS and PC. Official Page here.

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