May 23, 2022

You Have to Wait HOURS Before Replaying Superhot: Mind Control Delete

For anyone eager to play through Superhot: Mind Control Delete multiple times, make sure you have plenty of spare time and a cooling system in place for your platform. MCD forces you to wait several hours between play throughs

If you’ve picked up the recent add-on/expansion/sequel to Superhot, you’ll no doubt be playing through it.

The action-shooter-puzzler follows in the previous iteration’s time-based gameplay.

However, the game takes the whole “Mind Control Delete” aspect a little further.

Whereas most players would breeze through a play through and then jump back in, MCD stops you dead in your tracks.

The basis for the game is that the game thinks the player is addicted to the game itself. To counteract this, you are physically unable to play the game again once you complete it, for around eight real-world hours.

There’s no way around this either (well, apart from the fact that the PC version was patched to a mere two and a half hours). You have to keep the game running whilst it “recovers save data”.

Of course, why this occurs is somewhat open to interpretation. Is it to prolong the longevity of the game? Or is it, as Superhot Team notes, to make the player think about the morality behind their gaming habits? All’s I know is, I need to wait another block of time until I can reload the game up.

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