505 Games Announces Ghostrunner 2 is in the Works

505 Games Announces Ghostrunner 2 is in the Works

505 Games has recently confirmed that Ghostrunner will be getting a sequel.

As the news confirms, One More Level will be developing the sequel as well.

Currently, nothing is known about the upcoming title beyond the fact that 505 and OML are working on it.

Clearly, however, 505 is excited about the pair’s future together. 505 Games noted;

“We are particularly excited about the future release of Ghostrunner 2. Together with One More Level, we have created a thrilling and engaging video game. This new collaboration deepens 505 Games presence within the Polish videogame market [context; OML is a Polish-based studio], a reality now among the firsts in Europe for the development of video games, new projects, and talents [sic]. We will continue to pay close attention to the Polish market to constantly improve and expand our product portfolio with video games capable of satisfying the tastes of the entire gaming community”.

Ghostrunner was a runaway success when it launched in October last year. A first-person, cyberpunk-fueled, parkour/slash-em-up game, the title was notoriously difficult. This difficulty belied the game’s raw appeal. After all, just ask our own Mike Allen what he thought of Ghostrunner. Mike noted how Ghostrunner was; “visually stunning” whilst offering “satisfying gameplay”, coupled with a “good story and strong performances” throughout. The one flaw he noted was “occasional frustration in level design”. Mike knows his stuff, but if that’s not enough of an endorsement for you, you should check out our video review on it!

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Again, Ghostrunner 2 currently has no slated release date. However, 505 has a tonne of content already available, as well as plenty more still to come. Check out One More Level’s roadmap for a brief rundown of what’s still to come this year for Ghostrunner.