July 1, 2022

5 Must Try Video Game Inspired Beers

Have you ever sat down to kick back, play video games and drink some beer*?

Well here at Any Button Gaming we have your back with some great video game inspired beers*

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[mks_tab_item title=”Curse of Threepwood – Wild Weather Ales – Inspired by the Monkey Island series“]

Brewed in Silchester, England
ABV 5%
Style: Rhubarb & Hibiscus Sour
Brewery: https://wildweatherales.com/


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[mks_tab_item title=”8-Bit Pale Ale – Tallgrass Brewing Company – Inspired by Retro Arcades“]

Brewed in Manhattan, USA
ABV 5.2%
Style: American Pale Ale
Brewery: http://tallgrassbeer.com/



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[mks_tab_item title=”Pixel Bandit – Lawman Brewery – Inspired by Retro Games“]

Brewed in Lanarkshire, Scotland
ABV 4%
Style: Session IPA
Brewery: https://www.lawmanbrew.co.uk/



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[mks_tab_item title=”Zombie Dust – 3 Floyds Brewing Co. – Inspired by Telltale’s The Walking Dead“]

Brewed in Indiana, USA
ABV 6.2%
Style: Pale Ale
Brewery: https://www.3floyds.com



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[mks_tab_item title=”Hadouken – Tiny Rebel – Inspired by the Street Fighter series“]

Brewed in Newport, Wales
ABV 7.4%
Style: Amplified IPA (Double IPA)
Brewery: https://www.tinyrebel.co.uk/


If you have any favourite video game inspired beers let us know via our Twitter: @AnyButtonGaming

*Please remember to drink responsibly

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