July 3, 2022

$40,000 Worth of Stock Stolen from Valve HQ

Back in 2018, a Washington native broke into Valve’s Bellevue HQ. According to Polygon, 32-year old Shawn Shaputis has been charged over the burglary.

“15 Xbox One games and 23 PlayStation 4 games” were amongst the stolen articles. This is along with multiple Asus laptops, Nintendo Switch and Steam consoles, and a piece of gaming memorabilia. That memorabilia was reportedly the prop minigun Valve CEO Gabe Newell was modelling in a Forbes magazine feature.

As the report notes, Shaputis broke into Lincoln Square South, entering through a public restaurant before gaining access to Valve’s office on the 11th floor.

Shaputis had told the police how he;

“…got so many items, he didn’t even remember what it all was.”

He added how he threw “random items” into a recycling bin.

Valve informed police, other items including “gaming memorabilia” and “archival promotional items” were also stolen.

CCTV caught Shaputis selling the stolen goods to a local GameStop shortly afterwards. According to police, Shaputis managed to sell the 43 games for a total of $336.

The King County Superior Court filed charges against Shaputis on 25th September. At the time, Shaputis also had six active warrants. According to Polygon, Shaputis is also on “bench warrant status.”

This is because he has missed other hearings before, and another warrant would be issued should he have missed the hearing on 9th October. No reports were available at time of press as to whether he had attended court or not.

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