12 Minutes – Repeat, Replay, Relive

12 Minutes – Repeat, Replay, Relive

12 Minutes is an upcoming adventure game. Developed by Luis Antonia and published by Annapurna Interactive.  The game takes place in a small apartment suite and areas around it. Solve the mystery by repeatedly playing through events of a 12 minute cycle.


Played from a top-down perspective of an apartment suite shared by a man and his wife. You control the husband during these events, where he is free to do various actions.

A police officer arrives at the apartment, accuses the wife of a murder from several years ago. While trying to arrest her, the police officer knocks out the husband and attacks and kills the wife and her unborn child.

The game then restarts at the original point, at which point you can now try to take actions to learn the wife is a suspect, how to prevent her arrest, or other actions as to find a “best” result over the next 12 minutes, otherwise you restart the 12 minutes over.

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However, you are not given any exact information of what this goal is. It is left up to you to explore how to resolve the situation. The man is the only character that retains knowledge of the previous cycles, such as knowing about the impending arrest, and this information can be used to perform other actions in future cycles.

12 Minutes will be released early 2021 for PC, Xbox One and XBox Series X/S


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