July 6, 2022

10 Xbox Game Pass Hidden Gems

Since its first release Xbox Game Pass has given gamers’ the ability to play some of the best games the Xbox One has to offer. With all of Xbox’s exclusives releasing on Game Pass on launch day and games like Strange Brigade also available there’s a good selection of games getting missed. Luckily ABG are here to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the hidden gems currently available on Game Pass. Here is 10 Xbox Game Pass Hidden Gems you have to check out.


Fancy an action RPG in the vain of Dark Souls? Well Ashen is a Souls-like with a beautiful minimalist art-style and serene soundtrack. The combat is tight and responsive and the enemy and boss design is top notch. Definitely one of the best Souls-like’s available. Oh and it has two player co-op.

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Love Super Meat Boy? Love puzzle platformers? Then Dandara is the game for you! In Dandara you must navigate puzzles solely by jumping from platform to platform. You cannot run and you need to have quick reflexes and great foresight to make it through each puzzle room. Trust me this gets really hard.

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Laser league

Laser League is a futuristic sports game that pits two teams of three against each other. With its Tron inspired art-design and fast paced action you and a couple of mates will be honestly playing this for hours. With quick rounds and characters to level up there is plenty to do and loads of fun to be had.

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Smash TV meets Blade Runner in this hyper-futuristic action game. Ruiner is easily one of the best twin-stick action games of this generation and has a brilliant story that will keep you slaughtering bad guys till the end. Offering some serious challenge and a kick-ass art-design, this is one game you will be glad you played.

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Late Shift

So usually FMV games are badly acted and dull but Late Shift bucks the trend with a fairly decent cast and story. The important thing in Late Shift is it’s only the length of a movie (1 1/2 to 2 hours) and if you die or fail you will start all the way from the beginning. The risk vs reward factor of each decision you make means you will be truly invested in the story and every decision will matter. If only all FMV games were made like this.

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The Hunter: Call Of The Wild

Now this may not be so hidden but I guarantee you scrolled straight passed it as a game that revolves around tracking animals sounds about as exciting as watching Heartbeat. Luckily The Hunter: Call Of The Wild has up to eight player online. Tracking and hunting bears as a party is actually pretty fun and is great to chill out with and play with some mates.

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Monday Night Combat

As part of the Xbox 360’s Summer Of Arcade, Monday Night Combat became one of the best MOBA’s ever to grace the console market. With its Team Fortress art-design and highly addictive game-play this was easily one of my favourite 360 games. Over eight years later and the servers are still live and the game-play feels just as fresh. I’m still holding out hope for a sequel or a HD remake as this game was awesome.

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Iron Brigade

Iron Brigade is a turret defence game based in an alternate version of WW1 with a twist, you control your own mobile turret. Survive waves of enemies with your friends in online co-op as you upgrade your turret and build defences. The longer this game goes on the more the difficulty spikes and by the end of the game you will be counting on a friendly turret pilot to be watching your back. Iron brigade also still looks pretty good for a 360 game.

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Defense Grid

Defense Grid is your classic tower defence game and was an integral part of the Xbox 360 Arcade line up. Defense Grid may be ten years old but its aged like a fine wine and offers that classic game-play few tower defence games of this generation have achieved. If you didn’t play this on your 360 you should definitely give this one a go. 

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Hue is a puzzle game with a twist, you must change the games colour scheme to reveal items and ledges to complete each scenario. The constant switching between colour schemes to figure out each problem is challenging and rewarding. Hue feels like Limbo and Outland had a baby, and this puzzle game is just as addictive and enjoyable as its estranged parents.

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Riptide GP: Renegade

One thing the Xbox One does not have is many decent arcade racing games. Riptide GP: Renegade is a fast and frantic racer that encourages risky stunts and high octane action. With both local and online multiplayer and even the ability of cross-platform multiplayer there’s no reason why you and your mates can’t tear up some laps with a over a few beers.

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So there we have it, 10 Xbox Game Pass Hidden Gems. If you like any of the suggestions or if you have any of your own please let us know in the comments and as always stay tuned to ABG.

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