10 Underrated Videogame DLC’s

10 Underrated Videogame DLC’s

Starting to play DLC can be a slippery slope. You could feel overwhelmed, more than likely underwhelmed, or I guess just whelmed.

Some DLC adds hours and some mere minutes, dependent on type and genre, but we can all agree that some DLC’s are overlooked at what they actually achieve in the context of certain video game titles and franchises.

So here is a list of 10 Underrated Videogame DLC’s that you should check out if you haven’t, and if you have, well congrats on the great life choices.

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1. Dead Space 2Severed

This particular DLC is what prompted me to start this list, as Severed is a harrowing entry into the Dead Space franchise and is somewhat overlooked as just another chapter, but it’s the well-paced narrative that drives this DLC toward its thrilling and desperate conclusion (no spoilers).

Stranded away from his pregnant wife, Lexine, at the start of a Necromorph outbreak, Gabe Weller frantically looks for a way to be reunited and save Lexine and their unborn child.

With an in-depth story and fantastic set pieces that propel Severed, this is a must-play for fans of the franchise who were let down by the third entry.

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2. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Survival

The second expansion for The Division stripped you of your possessions but luckily not your dignity and tasked you with earning your extraction from the Dark Zone in a tricky PvPvE situation.

Scavenging for clothes to protect you from the cold, food, and water to keep you energised and medicine to help extend your lifespan.

But triumphing over other players and AI hunters will net you big rewards when looting the Dark Zone.

This mode showcased great survival mechanics and put a new spin on the looter shooters gameplay by resetting everyone back to square one, culminating in an even and rewarding experience.

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3. Borderlands 2Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty

The first DLC offering for Borderlands 2 is often overshadowed by the massively popular Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, which is a fantastic addition to the game and gives us more opportunity to hang out with the amazingly funny Tiny Tina, but Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty gives the players so much.

Based on Captain Blade’s Lost Treasure of the Sands, the Vault Hunters travel to Oasis, teaming up with Captain Scarlett (No, not that one) to find the legendary treasure.

On this sand-buckling adventure, you’ll tackle pirates, the monstrous Leviathan and learn the fate of Rosco.

The DLC adds a great sense of adventure, monster fighting and one of the strangest living locations in the Borderlands franchise.

4. Fallout 4: Far Harbor

For all the disparaging press that Fallout 4 got, I’m going to say it; Far Harbor was brilliant. I found myself gripped to the story as soon as I set foot on this fog addled fisherman’s isle, Mount Desert Island.

An island with more mysteries than a mystery factory covered in mystery sauce, with a mystery cherry on top. Just don’t ask what’s in the mystery sauce.

With several factions based on the island including Far Harbor’s residents, The Church of the Children of Atom, and Acadia.

There are story deviations and options aplenty, playing on the relations between the humans and synths, and the inherent distrust in this conflict.

That’s not to forget the creatures haunting this foggy isle, like the Albino Hermit Crab who’s decided to make its home inside of a bus, that has now become its unorthodox shell.

5. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

I know I’m pushing on what is considered DLC with this entry, but I love this game so much that it couldn’t be ignored.

Dark Arisen added Bitterblack Isle to the core game, a whole new area outside of Gransys itself, with a terrifying labyrinth available for players to explore and die repeatedly in, as this is not an easy place to go.

Journeying through the dungeon’s levels will reveal more about the story of the Isle and what awaits at its core. With even Death itself stalking your every move, as well as the Dragons, Wights and Minotaur like Eliminators that make the area their home.

As you descend into the depths of the dungeon you will uncover the story and face the inevitable climactic battle at the pinnacle of your adventure.

To be perfectly honest, I can talk about this game all day… and probably all night, but the tips I will provide are that the Magick Archer is a great class for any activity in-game, being diversely equipped with dual daggers’ and a magick bow, as well as a stave for casting magic if needed.

And that doing suicide runs of this dungeon early on can help the main story quests become much more manageable with the high powered equipment you can loot, not to mention all the gold you can find in Bitterblack Isle.

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6. FIFA 14 – Ultimate Team World Cup

A bit of a strange entry I know, but this FIFA 14 add-on never got the love and appreciation it deserved.

The free DLC added to FIFA 14, was for me the true peak of the FIFA games, the balancing and gameplay were calculated to perfection, and every online game felt so dramatic and end to end.

There was little of the loot-box style direction present in Ultimate Team, with the players being only available in this mode and free packs given after matches to build out your geographically linked squads.

You could purchase packs that also netted you a gold pack within Ultimate Team itself, but this was truly self-contained content for the players and felt like a step in the right direction from EA; before they turned more into the profit-hungry behemoth of mediocre content they are today.

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7. Mass Effect 2Lair of the Shadow Broker

Maybe not as underrated as others on this list but the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC gave players a thrilling investigation into a character referenced numerous times through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

Being able to pair up with Liara again and pursue the mysterious Shadow Broker, brought the world to life as you embark on a journey that will take you from Illium to the Lair of The Shadow Broker themself, with ramifications that will reach beyond this game and affect the next instalment as you battle to save the galaxy.

Balancing your team when choosing squad members is key, as certain skills will combine well with Liara’s biotic abilities and Shepard’s too, class-dependent.

There are some challenging combat encounters that will test your team, which makes this DLC all the more exciting to complete.

8. Dragon Age: InquisitionTrespasser

Trespasser was the final DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, whilst not as well-loved as Origins, which people do seem to look upon with rose-tinted glasses (fantastic game, but so is Inquisition), was a great addition to a fantastic game and leads well into where the next game in the franchise will take place.

Taking place after the main story of Dragon Age: Inquisition, you’ll travel from the Winter Palace in Orlais to an abandoned section of the Deep Roads, The Shattered Library, The Darvaarad, The Crossroads – a nexus of magical mirrors, referred to as Eluvians. a place where all Eluvians join – and the Elven Ruins.

This journey will reveal details about your party members, the world you’ve adventured through and the plans of the gods and the races that inhabit Thedas.

A fantastic end to a stunning game that will leave you begging for more information about the next instalment, Trespasser leaves you fulfilled whilst hoping for more from this world.

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9. Fable II – Knothole Island

Whilst not the biggest DLC on the list, Knothole Island provided something different for players with its dynamic weather effects.

The weather will change dependent on which totem is active, either the Sun, Ice or Storm totems will affect the island.

The Sun totem will melt the ice away, drying up the river and lake. The Winter totem will freeze the lake, river and waterfall, whilst the Storm totem will cause an endless downpour, filling up the river and lake, causing the waterfall to flow again, as well as filling the gorge with water.

These weather effects will alter your questing through the island, hiding or revealing paths, whilst also having some decent puzzles at the respective shrines for the totems.

If that wasn’t enough, Knothole Island gives you the chance to visit the Cheet-ur’s Crypt, maybe the main reason to play this DLC at all.

This mausoleum will let you resurrect your dog, lost during the battle with Lucien if you choose either Sacrifice or Wealth options. And the only cost is the life of one pesky villager, I’d sacrifice the entire population of Albion to get my dog back, sorry NPC’s.

10. Dark Souls 3Ashes of Ariandel

Ashes of Ariandel was not only an interesting chapter in Dark Souls lore but also gave us great characters like Sister Friede and Father Ariandel.

Not forgetting the great Hollow Arena PvP add-on, for Ashen Ones to test their combat skills against one another in varying combat scenarios, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or the chaotic 6v6.

Hiding this mode behind the boss fight of The Champion’s Gravetender and Gravetender Greatwolf is a great idea, making players earn their right to enter the Hollow Arena.

Whereas the main story gives you an insight into the painted worlds and their creation, the boss and NPC encounters fights are well-staged, and the wolves are fricking everywhere.

Look behind a tree; wolf. Look behind you; wolf. And up on that outcrop, yep, a giant wolf.

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10 Underrated Videogame DLC’s Summary

So that’s a look at some underrated DLC’s, let us know in the comments what your favourite DLC gems are.

There were a lot of DLC’s that I wanted to add to this list, but 10 is a good limit and I could probably go all day with talking about underrated added content that enhanced great, or mediocre games.

I recently started a new Dragon Age: Origins playthrough, and I’m excited to get into Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening to see if it’s as amazing an expansion as I remember it being all those years ago when I first played it.

Yep, that’s more Dragon Age talk from me, now for some more Dragon’s Dogma chat:

Dear Capcom,

Please announce Dragon’s Dogma 2 following the leak of its rumoured existence.

I need it, I want it… no, it’s definitely need.

Yours sincerely,

Sane People – Vocalised by David Parsons (Author, Dreamweaver, Visionary, Plus Actor)

Quote: Me, on this day, at this time, please, and thank you.

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